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Afterglow Body Oil

Featured Collection / Spa & Wellness

Available pieces:--

Box/Pack Size: XS

Weight Kg: 0.4

Quantity: 01 + -

Flavors: Watermelon, Golden Citrus, Naked Coconut, Sunbaked Glow.

Lightly scented with notes of various scents. These oils smell so good you won't get enough. Antioxidant enriched avocado oil and moisturizing coconut. 2 oz/60ml. Use daily for that healthy glow. Smells like summer!

2 oz/60ml travel-friendly glass bottle.

Sent List:

Watermelon - Lightly scented with notes of watermelon, salty air, and blood orange. Ideal for use after sun exposure. Drench your skin with this nourishing oil to replenish your skin with a blend of restoring watermelon seed, antioxidant-enriched avocado, and moisturizing coconut. 

 Golden Citrus - Citrus and Ginger with a Rose Gold Glow. coordinates with our Sugar & Citrus Soap Gem. This light, dry oil absorbs quickly and will leave your skin deeply hydrated with a subtle, warm rosy gold glow. Infused with an uplifting and invigorating essential oil, a blend of warm Ginger and Bright Citrus. Vegan and all-natural.

Naked Coconut - Unscented with a hint of Coconut.

Sunbaked Glow - Tropical sent with a bronze glow - Jasmine, Lime, Coconut pulp.

Directions: Smooth on post-bath or shower & prevent the signs of aging.

These babies have been featured in the most popular stores and magazines !! Smell amazing with whatever scent you choose. You cannot go wrong even if you get over whelmed with smells.